Sunshine through the clouds

I took this week of of work to achieve my curb appeal goals. While the first two days were filled with rain, Wednesday was sunny and pleasant – perfect for slapping on the first coat of gusto gold. While these past few April days have been the opposite of helpful, I have been able to cover the three street-facing sides of the house with a color that has drawn the following comments:

“Should we change the name of our street to Sesame Street? I feel like I’m living next to big bird. Maybe you should paint your front steps orange like his feet. But seriously, it’s cute.” – next door neighbor

“I’m sure glad I wore my sunglasses today.” – mailman

“I guess I’ll always know I’m in the right neighborhood.” – little old man who walks through the neighborhood looking for deer and other woodland creatures

“I’ll never miss your house when I drive by.” – realtor who lives 4 houses down the street

Halfway through painting the front of the house, I was also stopped by a college student working on a photography class assignment. He was supposed to find a scene with red, yellow and blue. I happened to be wearing old red workout pants and painting a previously blue house bright yellow. He assured me he was not a creep and would be getting an ‘A’ for this great find.

On the days when it was raining too hard to scrub down the siding, I stayed inside and finished up some indoor painting projects I had been putting off.  The bathroom door had been looking a little blah and gathering a large number of unwashable grimy fingerprints around the knob, so I added a semicircle on each side as a dual purpose accent and dirt hider. I also started and finished painting the closet door in the laundry room. Ours is now the most sterile-looking laundry room I have ever seen – everything is white or wood.

 This morning, we’re getting some light rain, so I plan to scrape and paint the garage door which should provide me with a relatively dry workspace and some satisfaction at seeing the last shreds of grey-blue disappear from the street-side of the house. The nasty front awning may also be making its way off the scene if my mom is able to stop by, cell phone in hand to call an ambulance should things go awry. as I like to say- safety first, someone to call an ambulance, second.

PS – Thank you hail storm and homeowners insurance for the lovely check that will pay to replace our ugly beast of an awning. If you decide to bring us golf ball sized hail again, please do so before we replace the roof  and front entrance.


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