It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, mainly because we’ve been so busy with house projects, school, and life in general, BUT it’s time to get back in the swing of things!

An update on our living room and office will be forthcoming, but I am very excited to introduce a pretty sweet find in my home state: West End Salvage.

Many of my good friends know, while I like to get my hands dirty, I also have a deep love for anything overly feminine, ruffly and/or intricately detailed. I didn’t fully realize that this was an oddity until a trip to DesMoines and an introduction to West End Salvage, a great BIG store filled with untouched and reworked antiques and a few vintage finds scattered in between. While perusing the wares with a co-worker, I squealed, put my hands to my cheeks and half whispered/half screeched “ohhh, ladythings!” at the sight of an old hand mirror, brush and comb set. I stepped forward and looked back toward my coworker, fully expecting the same reaction from her, and realized she was cracking up over my excitement at these feminine frivolities.

This visit to middle Iowa also marked my freedom from the reins of grad school (Thank You Iowa State). I’m now ready to rejoin the world, get together with friends and do some of my pre-grad school favorite things: posting, crafting and making all things lovely and functional.


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