The (un)usual suspects

We are pretty well known in our neighborhood for being the odd people out. If someone is going to paint their house an odd color, it is probably us; if someone is going to grow giant sunflowers as tall as their house, it is probably us; and if someone is going to dig up their front yard for more spring and fall crop garden space, it is, again, probably us.

After much back and forth – me opposed, Michael in favor – we compromised on how to dig up the front yard while maintaining some appearance of planned landscaping.

We chose one of the hottest days near the end of summer 2011 to plan this out, remove the sod, add a layer of compost and brick in the space. With much water and multiple breaks that included laying on the floor of our house running the ceiling fans (this is prior to giving in to turning on the central air), the project was finished and seeds for the fall crops planted.

Had we known that this heat wave would be followed by massive rains and flooding in eastern Iowa, we probably would not have planted the seeds that were washed away just a few days later.

I took the photos below on July 27, 2011 during the multi-day storm that carried our seeds through the streets of Dubuque and likely out into the Mississippi.

I realize I’m literally over a year late in updating about this project, but it was definitely worth the wait because I can show off the photo below revealing the success of summer and fall crops 2012! Kale, tomatoes, basil, carrots, cabbage, and peppers!


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